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Well, I picked up a new 2017 Dark Red, DCT last Wednesday, but just now finding the time to set down and post after the first week of ownership.

This is the first new bike I've bought in about 6 years, and I've never bought a bike with an automatic ever :surprise:. But even an ol' dog can learn new tricks or something like that; it's awesome. Spent the first day riding (about 80 miles) only in 'D' getting the feel of the bike and letting the DCT just do its thing. Tried to be optimistic and understand what and why it performed as it did. Reading about other folks experiences on this forum help a bunch. Next day I put it in S2-T3 and been smiling ever since :smile2:. I'm still reaching for the clutch lever from time-to-time, but I guess that is normal after 50+ years of riding and depending on the clutch for control.

Sure like it when the sun hits that Red paint.

Later, Bud...


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