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Greetings everyone,

After going by the dealer for the past year an half or so (and when it came out), the thought of riding a 500 lbs bike + tools, etc. off-road wasn't very appealing (Able to pick the bike up in the flat, but on a hill side with the wheels at an angle facing up/diagonal or so is a hole different story as everyone knows specially if loaded down). was hoping Honda would be releasing a 700/750/800/XR parallel twin/ middle weight.

So had put it off while contemplating which bike to be next for the off-road (ADV, yet single track, enduro, etc. capable and able to punch your way out of trouble on the freeway/highway if needed [tail gaiters, texting drivers, etc.] with 2 cylinders, yet some what light (obviously more than a single).

The Yamaha T700 was looking pretty good, yet not coming to the states until middle of 2020. The KTM is interesting, the Tiger 800 XCX was another alternative, and so on.
Note: Heard a rumor that Honda is coming out with a lighter AT in mid 2020 (so much for the T700 if that happens).

Reliability and low maintenance are my personal first main issues when purchasing a bike, therefore the Honda Africa Twin is my choice ( hope Honda comes out with the original AT, but parallel and a bit lighter than the V.)

So far i love this fantastic Honda machine (never regretted any Honda's in the past, have regretted other brands).
Already mounted the ALTRIDER full Crash bar system, bash plate, Hepco & Becker Handlebar Protection (not extremely happy with them, but will work for now and the reason is that tilting the clutch and brake levers down there is no protection (have busted levers due to the same exact scenario) with these or the OEM plastics' (hand guards)), Tusk rear plate, Tusk panniers side racks, Rotopax, Motoz Rallz tires front and rear, (will be using GPR4 from another bike that am selling, just waiting on the conversion kit.

Will be adjusting the suspension off-road this weekend (perhaps heavier springs /oil in the front if needed), have seen on line some front end mods for harder terrain, yet have to try the stock first. Who knows it may be just fine (have only commuted 2 days with stock road tires, which was good to try since it's much wider than a sport bike for lane splitting/filtering ).

The next mods are electrical (auxiliary LED lights, USB, etc.) , and looking around on line so far the most appealing is the :
PC-8 Fuse Panel Kit

Note: the site would not allow me to post links on the first post (new member) , but if any one would like i can post the links with youtube vid.

Has anyone also connected the most typical connector/plug to jump a bike to bike (am still searching for the best method possible), and which type is it?
Am not sure which is the preferred (cleanest and efficient) way.

Thank you very much,
Happy Trails!

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