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Greetings From Bangkok, Thailand

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Hi All,

Currently riding a 2011 Triumph Speed Triple which is great fun but not an ideal all rounder for Thailand so have decided on a change, the AT is heading up my list for a new bike so thought this would be a good place to hang out.

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Welcome to the forum.

How did you orignally find out about the AT?

Did you at least get to see one in person?
@Adventurer My colleague at work who's also a Triumph S3 owner told me the news that the Africa Twin was coming to Thailand and might be a good fit for me so I went to see on at a small bike festival where Honda was participating. Since then I've been researching everything I can about the AT. Our delivery date is June for Thailand but we have really bad colour choices, no Tri-Colour only black or silver for DCT, red or black for manual. I just have to get over that and be resigned to a vinyl wrap from new as I really fancy a DCT model.
While I went with tricolour, the black does look a lot nicer in the flesh than it does on paper, if that's any consolation. That said, I don't understand why Honda wouldn't sell all colours in all markets.
Out of the silver and black I've only seen the black one and it's lovely. The silver one is apparently really nice in the sunshine but we don't get it in the UK.

I went for a tricolour in the end but I was definitely torn between that and the black.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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