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Hello everyone! Just purchased my "AT" on Tuesday August 9th. The dealer I purchased from is 160 miles from my home so I had a nice road ride to get acquainted with my bike. I'm currently 61 years old, started riding at 10 years old with a Honda 90cc scrambler on ditchbanks and dirt, gravel roads on the farm. Always carried an irrigation shovel stuck in a black plastic pipe attached to the bike with baling wire. As I grew up had a succession of Honda and Yamaha 250 - 350 cc bikes that were used for irrigating (always big fun to carry a armful of siphon tubes or a 40 foot joint of sprinkler pipe)!

In 2005 I started riding a BMW R1200 C "ChromeHead", Great bike but in my partSouthern Idaho the paved roads are flat and straight , with quite a ways to go to paved curvy roads Sold the bike in 2009 with just over 12,000 miles on the odo.

A few weeks ago I was getting the itch for another moto, and thought I would get a BMW GS or a KTM. In starting the research for a possible purchase I came across comparisons and reviews for the Africa Twin. I was able to source a bike for a test ride 160 miles from home. Even though I was only able to ride on city streets and a gravel parking lot, I was sufficiently impressed to buy the bike on the spot. Rode the bike home on the interstate and nice 2 lanes (25 to 30 mph side and headwinds) and was very impressed with the bikes road manners. This afternoon I was able to ride a combination of desert and forest mountain roads (hundreds of miles of these close to my home) and pavement. I love how a bike that is so competent on the gravel and dirt, can get on the blacktop, and be just as competent at 75-80 mph highway travel.

Looking forward to many years and miles of "mind-clearing" rides on the "Africa Twin".
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