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Hello everyone,

My first post and hopefully it'll help one or two owners. You really do need to remove the throttle controller. With a 22mm diameter length of copper pipe and a few turns of tape you now have a back stop and a handlebar sized diameter mount. This supports the thin walled controller AND enables easy rotation whilst sanding. This keeps everything concentric to the bore.
Nibble off the in-board register detail for the original Honda grip with flush cutters. The palm sander makes light work of blending that in and the removal of adhesive product Honda uses.
Check fit of the heated grip often and be prepared to tap the controller out as gently as possible with a socket/extension/mallet if it gets stuck.
In the above photos you can see that Oxfords "Touring" grip is nigh on optimum length IF you take off the moulded detail inboard end of controller. It leaves a gap that's about right outboard too.
Unfortunately and not for the first time in my experience the Oxford product was dead and is now in the bin. That is me finished with Oxford for keeps! Fortunately I hadn't glued them so removal straightforward. I will replace with R&G grips which are 4mm longer. These should still suit without needing to be trimmed.
As for the adhesive well I don't care for super glue or contact adhesives that require instant install and alignment. If that's what you're using you'll need to eye up the "parked" position of grip from the end of the handlebar and tap the grip on quickly with "wet ones" at the ready for adhesive that may spew out IF YOU GET TIME! I prefer slow adhesives that mean I needn't rush,clean away the glue should it leak out BEFORE the grip gets too close to switchgear end,will permit me to test position for both parked and throttle full open. A glue that'll set overnight and I currently use a nice fluid 4 hour two part epoxy adhesive(Devcon) from model shops.
If the sanded fit of controller and grip is just right you'll only need to wipe a light coating over the controller with your finger.

Hope of some help?



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