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Hello Folks!!! AT DCT Dakar Rally!

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Thank you for creating this amazing forum for The Legendary Honda Africa Twin motorcycle.

Last week I put in the order for AT DCT Dakar Rally model and cant wait to ride the Cheetah (Yes, thats what the Africa Twin resembles to me at least ... a running cheetah). Hope to have fun and meet some folks with same interest from all over the world.

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Hah, great name! I can see it now myself :)
What would that make the 1200GS, a rhinoceros?
Alba i think its Safe to call it elephant in the room, just don't want to dishearten the 1200 GS fans ;) after all we all are in for adventure in one form or the other
What made you decide to go with the Dakar model?
@Dex , the Dakar Rally model is the Red, Black and White Color. I liked the color, did not like the silver. Dakar model looks really nice from all the videos that i have seen so far ...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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