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Hello Folks,

I ordered my Ballistic Black Africa Twin from Grantham Honda (UK) on Tues 9th Feb and was given a projected delivery date of 23 Apr - it arrived at the dealers on 14th Feb and I collected it on Wed 24th Feb, complete with high screen, heated grips and top box!

I'm still waiting for the centre stand, 12v socket and panniers and have been given a projected date of 18th Mar for these.

I have no idea why the bike came early, but i'm really pleased that it did. I part exchanged a CB500x, which I was really pleased with, but wanted a bit more power and a bit more comfort for the longer journeys. First impression - this bike is special! The steering is effortless, the bike wants to take itself around corners and feels so stable, it just inspires confidence. The gear ratios must be perfect because I'm changing gear much less than on the 500x and this just gives you so much more confidence when approaching bends and corners. As others have mentioned, the power is very deceptive and because of features already mentioned, it is very easy to be pottering around at illegal speeds without realising it. This bike is definitely a keeper! Big thanks to Mick Jordan (AT owner who works at Grantham Honda) for lots of good advice.

Chris :grin2:
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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