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Hello from Aberdeenshire, Scotland

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Hi folks, live up in Aberdeenshire. No bike yet, in fact no test yet, sitting here doing theory study.....

Stayed away from roads, raced MX all my life and love road racing being from Northern Ireland so always thought best to stay clear of roads. However, I have many many Hondas in my growing collection, mainly restored MX.

So, finally with the rebirth of the AT, reading reviews, this forum, all the photos etc, I thought time to stop dreaming and last week decided to just book the ferry to Isle of Man TT, book my direct access and ordered the Tri colour DCT.

Hope DCT correct choice given recent post, but I believe in Honda. Obviously couldn't test ride so my decision was based on, well not very much if I think about it, I guess racing bikes I was tempted for 'normal', but have a very sore ankle from last mx accident end of last year (broken leg, ankle, soft tissue and nerve damage, all without falling off, just catching foot in rut and foot rest hitting it on way out of corner, so the best boots an absolute must everyone!!!!), therefore the less movement of my ankle the better, plus I needed to just make my mind up and get it ordered in time for TT, so when on phone to dealer, DCT was in my head.

Gee, is there an award for the largest boring intro??? Sorry, you can tell id rather be doing anything other than reading through this theory test book.
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Welcome to the forum! Scotland is beautiful for riding around. The rolling hills. Post some pictures if you can.

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Are you ordering through Ecosse, I test rode one of their demo in Feb.
I ordered through Mitchell's in Inverness, bike arrived at the beginning of March registered on a SV16 *** plate.

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