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Hello from Alaska

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Hey guys.

Ordered a red manual a couple weeks ago and now the waiting begins. I was told they would ship to Alaksa towards the end of May and arrive around the first week of June. I'm really hoping this holds true, because I'm getting antsy already. With news of order cancellations and delays from the earthquake, and it being Alaska, anything could happen. As far as I'm aware, I'm getting the only one allotted to the peninsula as of right now.
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Congratulations on the order, hope it gets there in June as promised but whenever it arrives you are going to love it. What an awesome place to be riding an AT.
Honestly, that's the main reason I went for an adventure bike. What better place than here, right? ? Aside from ordering the Honda for its superior quality and dependability, there are far more Honda dealerships in Alaska than BMW, KTM, etc.
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Congrats on ordering one! since you're from Alaska, do you plan to go through the Hatcher Pass? I've only seen pictures of it and the pass is supposed to be very scenic.
So far, the only plans I have for it this summer are taking it on some camping trips in the Peninsula area until I'm able to get panniers and such for longer trips. I would very much like to go through the pass and north of Fairbanks to some lesser travelled areas.

Im still in the process of researching panniers/soft bags for the AT but there's not a ton out there yet. I expect this forum will become more active once the bike is released in the US and I can read more reviews and write ups. If anybody has set ups and suggestions, I would appreciate any and all information you guys have!
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