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Hi there. I've been living and riding in Japan for 25 years. Just love the new Africa Twin. Took one for a test ride, but haven't bitten the bullet and ordered one yet. Looking forward to checking it out completely at the Osaka Motorcycle Show this month.
Whats Japan like for riding? I spent 3 weeks in Japan last year an loved it, a bike seems a great way of seeing the country, I would love to ride over there from the UK however is suspect that won't happen ;-)

Is there any bike hire available in Japan ;-)

Also as the average heigh of Japanese people seems less than in the EU and being height challenged myself (162cm, 5ft 4 in) is there a market in lowering etc in Japan as most bikes on the market are a challenge for short people. I have a low seat on my AT but I am still on tip toes.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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