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Have been following the Africa in the media for the last year. Decided that it was to be the bike for me in May. I live in the lower mainland of BC about an hour from Vancouver and called a few local dealers to learn of the "earthquake" and delays in delivery affecting the entire planet waiting on these bikes. Not to mention the huge waiting lists to get hands on the elusive twin. I was being told that possibly late fall but more than likely early next year to get one this late in the game, without having put down a deposit long ago! I was discouraged and started looking at other bikes. One night I had the idea to email every other dealer in the province to see if maybe there was one coming not spoken for. Over the next few days most got back to me with similar news and stories of very limited delivery's and spoken for bikes. Fast forward to June 18th and I got an email back from salesman in Cranbrook BC about 800km away from me saying he just got in two bikes and had a handshake deal on one that "fell through" and a black manual was now AVAILABLE!!! Woo hoo! I prob to quickly yelled sold at him and sent off a deposit. That was a Saturday and no way to make it out to pick it up that day. The dealer was also closed the Sunday and Monday as well, but the gentleman agreed to open up the shop Monday June 20th to deliver me the bike and get me on my way. I packed up the wife and kids and drove out on Fathers Day, grabbed a hotel, and got my bike early the next morning. The fun part was I had to drive it back home through 750kms of mountains and passes in Southwest BC. The bike had 4kms on it when I left...Not the most ideal situation but I went at er! The first few hours I varied my speeds/gears and took it real easy. By KM 500 I was comfortable and so very happy with the bike and I was floating along in some areas at 140km/h (shhhhhh in BC that's excessive speeding....) It is so smooth. Got home and was pretty beat as that was the longest day ride I had ever done. Checked oil along the way and at home, level was spot on! Had to fly out back to work for two weeks the next day, home July 5th. These two weeks are going to be torturous knowing what fun awaits back home. I should have a bunch of farkle to install waiting for me as well!! Have done a lot of reading on this forum, great stuff on here! Thanks to all. Happy Riding!
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