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Hello Folks,
This is Vipin here. I'm from Mumbai, INDIA and I've just taken delivery of my AT DCT in Victory Red! That is the only variant that Honda has launched here. No geared version and no colour options either! Just ridden it for a couple of days in the city. The monsoons are in full swing, the city got flooded the day before yesterday with more than 300 mm of rainfall, so all I've done in inter city riding with heavy traffic and must admit the DCT is a real boon in crawling traffic.
I had a Scrambler Ducati Icon earlier, which I rode for 19k over the 18 odd months that I had her. Loved everything about the Scrambler, apart from the suspension and the snatchy throttle! Wouldn't have sold her if I could afford the time and money to keep both!
Anyway, here I am in the Africa Twin Forum and hope to learn and exchange lots about the motorbike.


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