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Hello from Ireland

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Hello All,

thank you all for your posts and information already.

Have my CRF a few weeks, have done about 1100 KM's. Spent 5 hours on it on Saturday just gone, 2 hours on motorway and 3 hours on the single lane roads.

I feel like I have owned this bike for a few years already, it feels like I am so at home on it. I keep forgetting that this is a new bike. I am trying to clock up hours in the saddle to prepare for a long trip across Europe where I will have to go a few eight hour days.

I love the engine, my bike is non-abs, manual clutch. No immediate plans to take it off road but hope to just enjoy that gorgeous engine and exhaust note.

I have had plenty of previous bikes, some of note are VFR 750, R1100RT, K1200LT, K1200GT, DRZ400, R80G/S. I have loved them all but love this the most.

Keep safe and keep riding.
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If you come to the mainland , drop in for a beer ,
Hello Codmaster,

thanks for that, actually I am passing by you next week in the CRF but will be hurrying along until I get to Poland, on the way to Lithuania, maybe next time.

Hope you are enjoying your bike.
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