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This is the second time I sold a GS for a Honda.
In 2006 I sold my 2000 R1150GS for a 2004 VFR 800.
In 2018 I sold the VFR for a 2014 R1200GS (lowered). The bike was fully touratech farkled when I bought it and while I didn't need a lowered, I ended up really enjoying the ride. Found it very stable in high winds, great on the highway. I mostly commute and occasionally will ride up to Tahoe.
now 2020 DCT Africa twin with 218 miles on it.

I've been struggling with tendinitis in my left arm. I am an addicted wing foiler and motorcyclist. Since I couldn't give up either sport I went with the DCT to give my left arm
a break. have 600 miles on the bike, still getting used to the electronics, had some buyer remorse for the simpler electronics of the GS and the stability in high winds but the DCT is great and the sound of the twin is better.

a bbreak.
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I live in the Salinas/ Monterey area not far from Laguna Seca Raceway, not too far from you. I too have suffered from tendonitis. A little tip that has helped me with my tendonitis when I ride is to use a crampbuster on both the throttle and left bar grips. This keeps you from gripping all around the bar and allows you to rest your palm on it which helped me a lot with my left arm tendonitis. The DCT is a big help with this problem too especially riding in slow terrain where you would usually have to use the clutch a lot. I think that after you get used to the different techniques needed to ride the DCT efficiently you will enjoy the bike more and more.

Consider trying a MadStad windscreen - I have found that after putting one on my bike, the bike felt a lot more planted especially in gusty crosswinds or riding behind semi-trucks on the freeway.

There are some great videos with tips on riding with the DCT.

The Wing Foil looks like fun. Perhaps a bit much for me at my age. In my younger days I was an avid hang glider enthusiast. The Wing Foil looks like it uses a lot of the same technology.


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