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New guy here. Came off of 10 years on a Yamaha R1 and five years before that on a Yamaha R6 - with a few enduros and dirt bikes sprinkled in here and there. I do miss that power a bit, but I'm excited about my new Africa Twin! I got some extras from the dealership, since I didn't want to bother with a ton of mods off the bat. So, taller windshield, 12V socket, heated grips, light bar, panniers and top box, center stand. I know they all kinda look the same, but here's mine.

What I really want to do next is get an extra set of wheels with dirt tires, so that I can easily swap them for Adv trips vs the M-F commute. Honda says nearly $3000 for everything, which seems pretty steep. If you guys know aftermarket sources for that kind of stuff, let me know!


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