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Checking in from Cebu, Philippines (that's the island in the middle of this archipelago). Finally broke down and decided to get a reliable motorcycle (HONDA!)...was going for the CB500X but when I got in the dealer there was no stock and a list was going, but I would be #17!!!!
Came back the a few days later, saying "Heck, I'll get the AT on display!" but when I got there it was gone too! ****, spent a few more days looking for a tri-color AT all over the country, no luck! They (AT's) have been selling like hot cakes, I bet they're beating out BMW GS and KTM adventure bike sales, just cause they're Japanese and presumed to have a better after sales support.
Called a multi-brand dealer (friend) had two AT's left, rushed there NO TRI-COLOR!!! Got the red one anyway...
Rode it straight from the showroom up the hills (no dirt riding as I was in my office garb)...LOVE IT!!!

Me and Wifey testing the bike

With the 'mixed nuts group' ride to adjoining island for a weekend ride...

Oh, yes, they used to be Harley riders, defecting to ADV and now I think they're going to defect to Honda (including the Beemer guys)
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