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Hello from Wales

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Hi all, just found this forum after purchasing a bike last week.. diddn't plan buying one, just had to have one when I saw one at the dealers!! >:)
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Welcome to the forum! Have you gone on any rides yet?
Yucky-dah boyo! I'm jealous of your locale.

When lived just outside London, every year me and the boys would ride to the Brecons and then up through Snowdonia, to speed a couple of days racing.... erm, I mean, riding around the fabulous roads you have up there.

I've done the off-road course with Dakar rider Simon Pavey in Wales and loved it - highly recommended. Fit some Conti knobblies and try to get a discount for riding the course on your own bike! ;-D

Anyway JOL, enjoy and let us know how you get on. Especially if you get the chance to ride Newtown to Builth Wells - or Assen in the Sky as I like to call it - best biking road in Britain IMHO.
My dad and brother live near Brecon - I'm looking forward to visiting them!

What colour and transmission did you go for?

I'm toying with black but you hear a lot of horror stories about the matte finish going shiny where your knees rub (just like a shiny tank goes dull where your knees rub!)... I'm getting DCT though.
JOL, welcome to the forum and congrats on your new bike! Let's see some pics!
Welcome JOL, where about in Wales ? I do a lot of riding in North Wales, Great area
Welcome from another Welsh owner.
Picked mine up last Monday (Storm Imogen). Rode it home in 50mph wind!
Hopefully get out on the weekend, get some miles on the clock, get the 1st service done then get the knobblies on.

Don't like to pick people up on vocabulary Captain Scarlet ...Iechyd Da to you too! ! ?
"Don't like to pick people up on vocabulary Captain Scarlet ...Iechyd Da to you too! ! ? "
... no worries, very glad to be corrected! :-D
Hi guys, went for the red manual... That's it in the box and when I got her home. Got the knobblies on it already!!!


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Yes ,Lets have some more pics JOL, What tyres have you gone for, and have you used that make before, thanks ,
Welcome here and congratulations. It seems to be going to the supermarket on a day in the week and come back home with a bargain...
Bikes in stock apparently? I ordered end of Jan. and delivery will be end of March (I hope); Red one, DCT. Currently have a NC700X-DCT. What I have seen here, the red AT seems to be the most popular one.
Noticed that you have changed tyres from Dunlop TrailMax to offroad??? No offroad for me here, not allowed.
More forums:,, but this forum may be the 'best'.
Red will probably be very popular in Wales! My brother's wife is Welsh and picked the red one straight away. My brother and I (English) both preferred the whiter Tricolour so that's what I've gone for - not that it had much to do with national colours though.

Seems to be fairly even split between white and red with the odd black thrown in. My dealer had all three in at the same time and the black is really nice and stealthy - but matt black and an occasional off-road foray seemed to me to be asking for trouble maintenance-wise!
Was only window shopping when a lorry turned up and they off-loaded the AT when i was there... I jokingly said if i can have that one tomorrow ill have it expecting to be told to *#*#OFF when the sales guy called my bluff and said "deal"
So less than 24 hrs later i was hooning around the roads and mountains on the beast.. so diddnt really have a choice on colour but quite happy with the red.
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And the local accessories shop has a white one!!!


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Yeah... Nice. Giving them away at Tesco with enough Clubcard points back in the UK it sounds like, yet still no US release date!!

This is the low point since my move from the UK to America.... lol
Greetings from Antwerp-BE

Went to Borremans @ Bxlls and bought the long awaited for CRF 1000 A Victory Red now two weeks ago. First brand new bike in 25 years. Older brother RD04 @ rest now with 144k.
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