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Just a quick hello from Swindon UK.
Will pick up my Tri Colour DCT at the begining of March.
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Welcome Steve
I popped into Blade Swindon today to see my bike ready to collect next week
Mine's the red manual in the middle and the two white ones are DCT
There's another forum member that's ordered a white DCT to collect next Wednesday too, so I guess that accounts for all three of us :)
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Cheers Greame, thanks for the picture. Initially i was going for the Red but after seeing the Tri .... went for that instead. Having said that, there is a guy in Austria offering various vinal wraps for the bike so anythings possible.

Cant wait. Massive can of ACF-50 ready and waiting :)
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Tri does that to everyone, no matter what it's on... a car or bike :D

The weakness for tri is unmeasurable!
Hi, does this Austrian guy have a website....would be interesting to see what the AT looks like wrapped......I went for the Ballistic Black after changing my mind on the tri colour.... The only reason is everyone wants Tri or red so I thought I'd be different......but the tri does look good.....
Diamond, I have posted a pic of my black one, will put some close up ones in the next couple of days or so. My last bike was a Cb500x and the matt black colour is about the same as that.

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