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Can somebody help me?

I ordered upper and lower crash bars from Holan. After much trouble and no communication or response to my emails, the bars finally arrived about a month after I ordered and paid for them. However, the package came missing the majority of the nuts and bolts I need to fit the bars, and there are also no instructions.

I've been emailing Holan every few days for a month asking for the missing parts so I can just fit my f**king crash bars 2 months after I bought them. They are completely ignoring everything I send them, including emails to their complaints department and the phone number they provide (which I get a Polish friend to call because they're a Polish company) is answered by a robot which says the phone inbox is full and to call back later. 320 euros down the drain as it stands.

Please can somebody advise what I can do? I don't even know what bolts and nuts to buy because there are no instructions with their products.

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