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Why I sold my 1190 KTM (roadie) for a AT.

The AT will never excite like the KTM will.

The AT will never handle as well as the KTM on tarmac.

I could never ride the KTM around the world but I'm sure I could the AT.

How many KTM dealers are the on your typical holiday route?

Can you ride an 1190 to it's full potential all day?

The AT's ride comfort is superior to the KTM in my mind.

One speck of dirt in the KTM's fly by wire throttle mechanism may spoil your day, it takes a while to get the tank off and you'll want it to be empty.

Early models have a weak starter, the bike can boil you alive, ride it hard in the Alps and there'll be fuel spewing out of the breather as the fuel boils in the tank.

The air filter doesn't.

Less is more
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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