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Hello all,
I have waited 21 years since selling my '92 model and feeling empty since...
Pulled out the screwdriver and turned up the front comp damping 4 clicks on the demo today. Went from an "Oh dear" corner to "that's much better".There is a few tweaks to come on the RWB standard box I deposited after the ride. On the dirt roads around here feels 10 times better than the Strom I have had for the last 7 yrs. Tyre pressures will make a big change for the formed gravel roads I think, and there is a lot to play with on the suspension, which is so nice to see. I have butterflies waiting for the new girl, 2 weeks waiting for Honda to put on the centre stand which is standard apparently on this model. I was looking at an accessory. Yay. All I can say is, hard nipples again.:grin2:
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