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Hi I joined the forum as I wanted information on how other owners are getting on with the AT. Pretty much stating the obvious.

I have two pressing issues that I could really do some help with.

1) Tyres - I mainly do road mileage and have put 6000 miles on my AT since April - now desperately in need of a new set and would welcome advice on road biased tyres that others have tried.

2) Switch gear - it seems that there is a common problem with the left side switch gear - my set button has completely seized and when reporting it to my dealer a replacement item was available within 3 days - which to me tells the whole story - for a non serviceable item to be available that quickly Honda are basically acknowledging there is a problem. Hopefully the full recall will occur sooner than the swing arm issue on the VRF1200 which took 3 years from when mine popped on the M40 - busting a whole in the swing arm - can't say too much has this is going legal

Would love to hear from others on both issues
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