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Just joined the forum. I use my current NC750x for my 100 mile commute into he office each day, since getting fed up with the trains. Using it for my daily commute and also a 280 mile commute once a week means I'm doing approx 28,000 miles a year on the bike.
Had the current bike almost 1yr and it does the job well with my 70% motorway 30% country roads, using very little fuel (79 mpg).
But I'm thinking of changing, as the narrow touring screens avail give me a lot of wind noise on the sides of my helmet, plus one section that only 6 miles long has a terrible road surface and the NC rear suspension jolts and crashes so much that by the end of the week my hip has had enough ....

So was looking for a bike with better quality suspension and ride, better wind protection and a DCT (riding every day into London, the DCT is fantastic, not everyone's taste, but for what I do it takes a lot of the effort out.

So had a quick 40min ride n the AT and it looks to fit the bill, off for a longer ride tomorrow taking in the rubbish road section of my commute...
With standard screen I found the wind on the helmet very quiet, just hitting the very top, so keen to try out the lager tour guide screen tomorrow.

My concerns...... The a availability of good road based tyres with good wet weather performance as I ride all year, and ideally need a dual compound tyre give my motorway miles. Does anyone have any experience with tubed road biased dual compound tyres in the size.

My second is the use of tubes - I've never had a tubed tyre, buy in the past 6 months I've gone through 3 tyres due to getting nails in the rear. My bit concern is that people keep telling me not to get the AT as if I pick up a nail in the rear when going down the motorway I will get a sudden deflation and a bad outcome, as opposed to now with my tubeless when I get off I just notice the nail but very little air or handing loss. The 'tube' sudden deflation stories do make me wonder if the bike is not right for me, or if people are just overplaying what happens when a nail goes into a tubes tyre... Any views welcome.

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