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Hi All,

I've been looking at this forum for sometime now, both to help me decide to buy my AT, and now that I have it to work out what I need to mofify and how. So thank you everyone for the really useful information here.

I've now had my red 2017 model for a couple of weeks (second hand ex demo bike) and done a couple of hundred miles. It's growing on me all the time.

The AT was a bit of a grudge buy as I love my BMW R1200R LC, but I've got a big adventure trip coming up which will involve a significant proportion of 'unpaved' roads - so the BM wasn't going to be the best tool for the job - and will now be hitting eBay in the next couple of weeks.

I considered the following (bearing in mind I'm only about 5' 7" (170cm)):

BMW R1200 GS: too big and heavy (though obviously I love that engine and shaft)
KTM's: too tall
F800GS: too tall
F700GS: I quite liked this - very easy to ride, low enough and confidence inspiring. It would probably worked for the mild off-road I'll be doing, but the engine was just a bit too weak for the road.
Tiger 800 XcX: This might have been my favourite, I've had the 'Road' version and loved it, but again it was too tall and it's top heavy, which I think would have been more noticeable off-road.

I hadn't initially considered the AT as, being 1000cc, in my mind I had bracketed it as too big/tall - then I had a go on one, then another, and another (three test rides including a DCT) - and that was it, I was smitten.

I thought the DCT was great, but I've chosen the manual. When test riding, I tried each on tight U turns on loose surfaces - I found I couldn't get quite the same degree of slow speed throttle control on the DCT as slipping the clutch. Also, I like changing gear :). However, after playing around on my bike a bit, I realise the DCT would have come into it's own when standing up, where for me, changing gear is a bit awkward.

Only changes so far: rotated the gearchange up two spline so I can get my thick boots underneath, also, got a cheap low seat off eBay - it's helped a bit with the height issue, and surprisingly, I find the comfort okay so far.

I now have a number of mods to make and I will feed back my experiences in separate threads.

The only thing I am still undecided about is ride height. For me and my purpose, I could happily lose 3cm on the ground clearance, and/or suspension travel to make it a bit lower. I've read the threads about how to do this, but I don't want to spend too much money, and wonder what the eaxperience is out there for using a (shorter) Hyperpro spring and dropping the forks a bit?

Thanks for any help.
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