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Just like to say hi, like to be a new African Twin owner sometime this year, if it all pans out, with a AT Adventure Sport.

Been riding all my adult life, on and off, from the eighties and nineties, riding big kawasaki’s, to the 2000’s on big BM’s. Current bike is a Honda CRF250 Rally, which I’ve loved, but hankering after a big bike again. Always liked the African Twins of past and was considering the standard AT. But when I went to the bike show last year, I got to see the new ATAS and loved it from the moment I sat on it.

Having had many powerful bikes, in their day, as I get older, power means very little to me now. So after a test ride on a AT DCT bike last year, while waiting for the Rally’s service, I know it’s more than capable for my needs, enjoying the ride while exploring the countryside and scenery.

So hope 2018 is a good year for all, especially the African Twin Forum members.
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