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I own a NC700x-DCT for 4 years and have traded it against an AT-DCT.
You have to get used to the DCT and then you will fully appreciate it. As mentioned elsewhere, and also my experience, the low rev and low fuel consumption D mode is only meant for relaxed road cruising. However the further you open the throttle the longer it will hold the gear. Auto down shifting in D mode will also be at very low rpm, for the NC700X at 1500 rpm, for the AT slightly higher. But you can always interfere by manual downshifting, also in auto D (and S) mode. For offroad, only the S mode will come into play, of which the AT has 3 different S modes. Up- and downshifting at different rpm levels; S1 at the lowest rpm and S3 at the highest rpm. Also in S mode, the further you open the throttle, the longer it will hold the gear. While driving you can quickly toggle between auto and manual mode. For overtaking the DCT has also a kick down feature, but I prefer the manual down shift, because this works faster; possibly on the AT this has also been improved.
DCT, especially of the AT, a very flexible system.
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