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High fender and aftermarket luggage rack?

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Hey there,
Anyone have info on if there is an after market high fender kit? Also wondering if a company is making aftermarket racks for side luggage other than the Honda option.
I haven't seen anything out there yet for the above options.
Cheers, Atom...:wink2:
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Touratech have racks... Not available in their US online store yet but I guess they will be in the year 2037 when US dealers finally start delivering bikes to customers!
You can try Touratech as mentioned. I liked also a version created by Holan (
But I am going to buy panniers with mounting from local producer ( It will look exactly like I want and will be much cheaper than any other. This kind of local manufacturers are really good alternative for big companies :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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