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I am not yet an AT owner but have had two test rides. I am six foot five and the first ride was with Standard Seat set high and high screen. Seat was no good as I could not slide back far enough due to the rise at the rear of the seat. The screen turbulence was so bad above 60MPH my vision was blurred.

Second test ride was with a high seat set high (900mm). Position much better. Loads of legroom and the seat is flatter as it meets the passenger seat so I could sit further back. Screen Turbulance was a bit better.

I think the standard screen would be better as it might put my head in clean air and reduce the helmet drumming.

I have been put off buying an AT at the moment due to the shocking corrosion I have seen. I have seen a bike with les than 100 miles that has front and rear spoke corrosion, as well as other corroded areas. Here in the UK the roads were salted up to the end of April however I do think there must be a materials issue with this first batch of ATs
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