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Holan crash bar

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1st off, Honda need to drop the drop the price of accesories, total rip-off.

So I ordered some crashbars from Holan.

£146:00 including delivery..obviously cant coment on the quality yet. and my Bike wont be here till April.
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I am drawn towards the Holan products after trawling through everything available or not available depending on brand. I am not sure about the mountings of the engine bars though and would appreciate a close up photo of that aspect if possible ?

The upper crashbars are well mounted but again the guage of the steel used is quite small compared with some of the competitors. I am torn between these items and the Honda bar currently.
Hi Griff,

Here is how the Outback Motortek crash bars work. Lorry is the owner, the manufacturer and the Adventure rider and he only puts out the highest quality safest products he can design. Watch the video and wonder to yourself why the rest of the manufacturers don't show how their products perform in a real life crash....with a 500+ lb bike...


Ok, Got that. I dipped into the site and as far as I can see the product is either sold out or not fully developed yet. Yes, I liked what I saw with regard to the GS. I will drop them an email.
I emailed Outback and got a fairly instant response which was appreciated. I quote :-

"We're fitting the final prototypes of the AT crash bars tomorrow and we'll begin manufacturing immediately.
Pricing will be available later this week, too and we can ship your order from within the EU."

I will hold on a little while to see where that leads and then make my decision.
Thanks fir the link. The Holan bars didn't quite save the AT's fairing that time.

I had a close look at those photos. As far as I can see the crashbar bent and got close to the bodywork but I cannot see that it was responsible for breaking it ?

There must have been rocks involved as the fairing is well shattered .
You might remind them that they are getting very poor publicity on here, especially as this is an International forum. Put some comments up on the ADV rider forum also. I suggest mailing them the link and that might knock some sense into them.
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