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Holan crash bar

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1st off, Honda need to drop the drop the price of accesories, total rip-off.

So I ordered some crashbars from Holan.

£146:00 including delivery..obviously cant coment on the quality yet. and my Bike wont be here till April.
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Hey, can anybody who has already fitted the Holan bars (upper and/or lower) tell me what torque settings they used for the bolts? Especially the engine/frame bolts!

And this is a big ask, but being able to describe which bolts go where would save me, and I'm sure hundreds of other people a lot of head scratching. Holan really should have included some instructions.
My Holan experience

I was told that delivery to the UK would be 5 working days (I explicitly asked more than once). After two week, I had been chasing them up and Holan tell me that they haven't even shipped the bars yet. I live in Italy and had been killing time waiting for the bars in England, so I told them I need to return to Rome and to send the bars there, to which I got no confirmation or reply.

I returned to Rome expecting them to deliver the bars to my UK address none the less, but after the third week of waiting it appears at my doorstep in Rome! Great!.....except....

This is an indication of how it was packed. A messed-up big box with parts of other old dirty greasy boxes as a box filler. Good that they recycle, but it was a gross mess and some of the cardboard inside was really dirty and oily. By the way, i didn't rip or cut any of the cardboard in this picture. That really IS how much there was!

And also:

I didn't get all the parts needed. I got the bars, but these are all the fitting parts I got. At least several missing. I search through the boxes again, again and again but they were entirely not there. I asked Holan to send what is missing, but again, no reply or confirmation.

So, I'm stuck in limbo without any bars fitted to my bike, over a month after I paid £300+ for some. Should have gone with Hepco and Becker. Their service is impeccable.
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Can somebody help me? I've been emailing Holan every few days asking for the missing parts so I can just fit my f**king crash bars 2 months after I bought them. They are completely ignoring everything I send them, including emails to their complaints department and the phone number they provide (which I get a Polish friend to call because they're a Polish company) is answered by a robot which says the phone inbox is full and to call back later. 320 euros down the drain as it stands.

Please can somebody advise what I can do? I don't even know what bolts and nuts to buy because there are no instructions with their products.
They take forever to email back the first few times I emailed them... Zero replies at all in fact. It was a lack of communications which made me think twice tbh. I also tried calling like you did, no luck as well.

Then I checked with another forum and was given this email - [email protected]

They replied within the day when I sent it to that email. Someone called Aleksnadra.
Good luck.
Yeah, that's their "complaints" email address. I've had no reply to 3 emails.

"Aleksandra" seems to (not) run all email services. No replies still. Really don't know what to do. I've I have a drop and the bars are sat in my apartment rather than on the bike because of this company's poor service, I will be livid (as I'm sure anybody will be!).
Well, it doesn't really matter what time I email them because I'm not worried about speed of response, I'm annoyed about not getting a response at all.

Turns out that what I originally got from Holan was about 60% of the fitting bits I needed, and of that 60% about half are the wrong size. I did eventually get a picture with some labels on it from Holan but only for the upper bars, and the parts they did send don't match up; for example the diagram says "here is a 100mm M8 bolt" and I got a 120mm bolt which means I have to buy another or find a spacer somewhere. Also, I don't trust the diagram because it's full of flaws, like "here is a 30mm M8 + M6 nut + M6 washer" etc. So this actually gave me more issues than it solved.

I just spent a whole day and a half driving around trying to find bolts, nuts and washers of the right sizes (which believe me, is extremely difficult considering there are no instructions, so I have no idea what parts go where) and tried to fit the bars.

Let me remind you all how frustrating it is to assemble something (which is a very awkward shape, may I add) and then realise something doesn't fit and have to disassemble the whole thing. I'm sure you've all been there. Hours wasted.

Furthermore, I'll inform you all that the upper bars do not fit with the Honda OEM wind deflectors (worth £120 for the pair), so I had to rip those off and the bike looks like poop now with 3 holes and glue residue on each side. Now I have two wind deflectors I can't use if anybody's interested..

And in response to your suggestion, I considered linking Holan to this thread, but thought that considering they're not replying, they either A) don't even read my mails or B) Are intentionally avoiding helping me anyway, so them seeing this won't want them to help me any more.

I absolutely wish I went with Hepco. DO NOT BUY HOLAN. EVER.
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And I don't have an ADV rider account nor do I really want to make one just to spread complaint. Maybe someone can start a thread and copy & paste my stuff. You have my consent.
Consensus seems to be that they're pretty crap at answering their email, which you already knew. A few said that the threat of filing a Paypal/eBay dispute woke them up though. Might be worth a try.
I bought direct from their site, so can't do that. And I don't know how to involve the ombudsman of Poland..
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