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Honda has part #'s for CRF1000 Accessory footpegs!

I looked here
Which is the portal for Japan, EU, Canada - for Honda accessory installation instructions and under 2017 CRF1000 found part #'s and installation instructions for larger rider footpegs.

Listed as "Wide Main Step" the part #'s are:

Dealer says not available in Canada - not a valid part# in their system.

[edit] Rugged Roads carries UK part#'s @ £279.99 VAT included. Ouch!
08R80MJPG51 - Silver
08R81MJPG51 –Red
08R82MJPG51 - Black
08R83MJPG51 - Blue

Can someone in the UK, EU or USA check with their Honda dealer for availability? The pics on the install instructions looked OK!
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