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Building up hype for its release, Honda has rolled the follow series of videos:

True Adventure - Episode 1 / The Dream
Honda's own philosophy says, that to dream & never stop exploring is what makes us who we are...
The legend lives on. Winners of the gruelling Dakar rally in 1986, ’87, ’88 and ’89. Honda fuels the spirit of True Adventure.

True Adventure refelects our past glory but also encapsulates our future vision.


True Adventure - Episode 2 / Live Unlike The Others
As humans, we have always felt the urge to explore the far reaches of our planet. To discover exotic lands and to have incredible adventures. Whilst this urge exists, Honda will continue building the motorcycles that enable people to live their dreams.

True Adventure - Episode 3 / The Return to Dakar
Racing is deep-rooted in Honda’s DNA. The urge to push the boundaries of engineering and human endurance has brought us back to the Dakar, the toughest off-road race in the world. The spirit of adventure that led us to conquer the desert continues to drive us now and into the future

True Adventure - Episode 4 / The Meeting : Part I
Before a new Honda motorcycle is approved for production, it must undergo a series of rigorous, real world tests. These tests are carried out by Honda development riders and overseen by engineers. One day in March, these two groups met to discuss a new Honda prototype adventure bike

True Adventure - Episode 5 / The Test
To test Honda's secret machines, Genteki riders must remain out of sight. Away from spying eyes. Their job is to ensure that every motorcycle is worthy of following in the tracks of legends.
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