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I took a CRF out yesterday which was fitted with the Honda panniers and top boxes. All had locks, but I didn't open them - they don't interest me. Wouldn't surprise me that Honda charge extra for them

A couple of observations:

The bike had zero miles before I got on it, but it looked as if the panniers had been marked even during fitting. The aluminium seems to be stuck on, there's no rigidity to them. The top box aesthetically is a dog. Total afterthought

On the positive side, the panniers are neat - in that they are very close to the bike and are nowhere near as wide as the mirrors / bar ends - so no difference when filtering. The mounting system is very neat requiring no additional scaffolding / rack

I know one thing unless the Honda Side boxes are only $50.00 each I wouldn't even consider them and I'm pretty sure they will be much more than that. The back half of them are made of thanks. There are lots of good quality boxes on the market to choose from. Let's face it, they're all ridiculously expensive considering there is maybe $50.00 in aluminum being used to construct them. Has anybody ever checked the thickness of the aluminum sheet they use to make them from? Just wondered. They should be at least 1/8" thickness, but somehow I doubt they are.
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