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HONDA VS HONDA (Crosstourer)

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It's not exactly hot news, but the VFR1200X Crosstourer, which has been available in Europe and other markets since 2012, is coming to the US as a 2016 model. - Specifications on the US site are missing important elements, like horsepower and weight but Euro specs for the 2015 Crosstourer can be found here:

Crosstourer has throttle by wire (no cruise control though) and is available with either DCT or six speed conventional transmissions. It is styled like an Adventurer bike, but, at 600+ pounds wet, isn't well suited to serious off-roading. Programming for the DCT has been revised (same as AT-DCT models) to accommodate uphill and downhill riding conditions.

Pricing for the US is listed as "to be determined" (TBD) but you can be sure it will make the AT look like a bargain in comparison.
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In Europe, CT costs around 15-16k€. The dealer I get my bikes and cars said that he sold one with 14000 last year and it had higher windscreen, crashbars (lightbars), topbox and panniers.
Its a really good bike, I considered buying it, but then Honda announced AT. Also, AT has much more comfortable seating position and seat itself. I'm not sure however how good AT is on the road (and offroad), but I've tried CT on light gravel road and it was very OK.

PS! I Did sit on the AT few days ago and I loved every second of it.
You must be the very first forum member to plant your butt on an AT saddle! Congratulations. :grin2:

The sport model VFR1200F seems to be priced a little higher (base 16K Euros) than the CrossTourer in Europe. That's surprising and a little bit encouraging. In the US, the VFR1200F base price is 17K USD. Perhaps the price gap between the CT and AT might not be as great as I anticipated. That wont make the Crosstourer direct competition for the Africa Twin, but will fill in the Honda Adventure line with a high end model.
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