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So recently, on my MT AT, I would accelerate through the gears and as revs would climb, there was a terrible rattle which I could hear with helmet and earplugs in. I could feel the harmonic vibration as well. I thought it might be serious or possibly terminal.

Skid plate loose? Nope. Rock solid.
Chain or sprockets? Nope. Nothing our of spec.
Foot or passenger pegs? Nope. Rock solid.
Crank bearings or something internal? I sure hope not.

Then I rapped my hand on one of my crash bars thinking there might be loose hardware and there was the rattle loud and clear. Not the crash bars at all. I have PIAA LED lights mounted to the bars. The rattle was coming from loose plastic rock guards. I took them off and rode home to confirm and the rattle was gone. I have since re-installed the guards with zip ties to help them fit tight and all is perfect in the world again.

I'm glad to have it turn out to be something so simple.
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