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I started using Wurth chain lube on a recommendation on this forum. It's very good as if you apply it after a ride it hardly flings at all.

I tend to do it every 250 miles-ish if I'm using the bike intermittently. Wipe the chain with a paraffin-soaked rag to get any muck off it and then apply the lube sparingly. I also do it if I've washed the bike or ridden it through severe rain.

If I'm away on a tour it depends on the weather, the terrain and my mileage. The rain and/or dust can make it quite dry and filthy so I take a look most evenings (or the morning if I was knackered the night before) and lube accordingly. I keep a rag to get the crud off in a plastic freezer bag.

Probably over-the-top as modern chains are pretty good.
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