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How To: Disassembling front fairing

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This video is very useful!

Just a note, this is not my bike nor video!
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Thanks Juha - the most useful 10 minutes or so I've ever spent watching YouTube!
wow... that may be the best 'how to' motorcycle video I've ever seen!

I suppose the advantage in having to wait so long for my bike is that there'll be more resources like this available to help me out with fitting accessories and things when the bike does finally arrive.
Nice find that!!
Thanks for sharing, always nice to see someone else pull it apart first.
Great video find - thanks!! I've been staring down my Tricolor in the garage now for a few days, getting psyched up to tackle the install of a 12V access point. Tricolor just lost the battle!!!
"Part two" How to: Find accessory connectors

And once again, these are not my videos! :)
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Those indicator lamp things confuse me, but then I don't understand electrics and am easily confused!

So, lets say I wired up a 3rd party fog lamp kit to the front connector. I would wire the positive into the red-yellow terminal, and the ground into the green. Ok, but then, if I tapped into the positive wire of the fog lamp kit after whatever switch it came with and then wired that to the blue-back, a fog lamp light on the dash would turn on whenever I turned the fog lamps on... ? Is that how that works?

But, in that case, what's the point of the high beam indicator lamp? Why would you want that to come on with anything other than the high beams?
I guess you could add independently wired spot lights and so might want to know if they and/or the standard main headlights were on.

Another question is whether those indicators in the dash can accept 12V - if anyone has had the nerve to try that out yet?
Maybe, but that still doesn't make much sense to me... why would you ever want to turn your spot lights on but leave your high beam off, yet have the dash lights tell you your high beam is on? lol

Now, if that cable was actually just a tap into the high beam positive, that would make far more sense to me in a fog light harness. Because it could be used by the harness to switch off the fog lights whenever the high beam was on, which is the law in a lot of places.
Doesn't make sense to me either but can't imagine any other scenarios!
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