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2018 Africa Twin 1000
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I have found a way to mirror the cellphone screen to the tft screen on the at1100. Not sure how obvious is that, but for me it is not and will be useful for using apps which are not compatible with android auto. For example, for off road navigation I use Wikiloc which is not compatible with CarPlay neither android auto.
here’s the video tutorial. Sorry for my Brazilian accent but i guess is understandable.

New video by Andre L.

1- it only works for android
2 - not necessary to root the phine
3 - download this app:
(Be careful with viruses etc)
4 - download android auto app
5 - using the aaad app download the app aa mirror
6 - connect your cellphone to your bike.
7 - once android auto is on, press the aa mirror icon and the mirroring starts

I’m a not a specialist. Actually I am not even an android user, but if you have any doubts I will be happy to try to help.
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