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How to remove bugs stain from the window and also the body of. my AT

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Hi guys,

I've been driving in the Picos da Europa last week and my AT was attacked by bugs in Spain.
I've washed already with shampoo and a pressure hose, have tried bug cleaning spray and nothing.
The stains continue to appear in the body of my AT and it looks ugly as hell.
My AT is black and with the stains if looks almost camouflaged.

Any ideas on how can i remove the stains from the bugs carnage?

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That looks like a far less angry one :)
Aye, definitely a bit grumpy though. Suppose that could be because his relatives get to go to Starbucks and he only gets to AT's windscreens.
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Aye, definitely a bit grumpy though. Suppose that could be because his relatives get to go to Starbucks and he only gets to AT's windscreens.
They definitely seem to view my windscreen as a mobile food truck whenever I stop for fuel or a break :)
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Visibility is not really an issue.

Is that lunch mounted on the rear deck?
I thought it was his dog but then I suppose he may consider that to be lunch.
I will give it a go! Already bought this online, waiting for the arrival.
This is exactly what happen with my matt AT.

Thanks for the tip
So, results of applying the Muc Off product:
- Not positive!!!
Still have stains in the front of the bike that do not disappear.
My bike is stained for life???
Might need a few tries if they have been on a while.
I keep a can of this stuff for cleaning Honda Spray Cleaner Polish
I use the Honda Polish as a wash with no water cleaner as well. Get them fast and often so they don't sit too long. Leaving the bike out of the garage on a night with heavy dew does the same. Walk out in the morning with micro fiber cloth and simply wipe them off with no effort.
Very simple solution here…small spray bottle of 1-3% hydrogen peroxide. Walmart sells these for 99 cents….spray anything you like , wait 1 minute for the bugs to just plain dissolve and then wipe clean. Easy cheap work’s every time. I carry this with me on all of my trips.
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This is actually a picture of the Ultra-Rare KTMBMW. It is a Trans-BMW that identifies itself as a KTM.
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Hear is another trick, for you to try.

Drop a drier sheet into a spray bottle of water. shake it up and spray it on. Let it sit for a short while, but wipe it off before it dries.
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Microfiber cloth soaked in clean (or reasonably so) water, lay on screen/side panels, walk away for a minute, come back, wipe off grunge.

Rinse cloth, repeat as necessary. No scratches. No chemicals. No significant onboard bike storage required. Save some stash. Help the planet.
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After getting the bugs cleaned off I have found that using a ceramic sealant keeps bugs from sticking to the surface and makes cleaning much easier later. There are ceramic sealant coatings that work well on plastics and Matt finishes.
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