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Initial impression of the Corbin seat for the 2020 ATAS low version

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I recently picked up a Corbin low seat for my 2020 ATAS from another member here on the forum. It is the low version. I wasn't really sure which version I wanted to go with so the low one seemed like a good place to start as the last Corbin seat I bought was for my S1000XR and it was a standard height one and somehow they made it substantially taller than the stock one and made the design such that I would have needed an almost extra 2 inch longer inseam to be comfortable at a stop.

All in all it turned out better than I though it would. I guess you could say my butt is pretty comfortable with Corbins. We tend to get along pretty quickly. The one for the AT was much quicker than most. After about a 50 mile ride I could tell it was much better than stock for me. Not sure if would want the taller one at this point. Even the best seats for me need some adjustment on a long trip. So with the lower version, I could throw on the purple pad or a sheepskin to break it up a bit and not have it be too tall.

I think the Purple Everywhere Seat Cushion might be a great option with for one particular reason when on a longer trip. There is a slight downward slope toward the tank which helps to make a nice pocket to hold you when accelerating or doing a wheelie. At steady state cruising, it pushes me a bit toward the tank. The Purple cushion has a slight slope to it toward the front so to speak. If i put it on reversed, it counters out the slight slope of the seat.

Corbin did do something pretty interesting that I really am starting to appreciate. The tried to keep the horn of the seat near the tank pretty narrow. So easier to put your feet down at a light. Then it flares out a fair amount toward the back. Not like the hideous looking but comfy Russel Day Long Saddles, but enough to make a difference and spread out the load. I can still stand on the pegs and not have it in the way but I do notice the extra support. The also kept the seat fairly flat side to side so if you want to imitate a sport bike and slide left or right to hang off a bit, it is a willing companion.

All in all I am very happy with the seat so far. I have a several hundred mile trip planned on Sunday to give it more of a workout. One thing I will add. For my S1000XR I got the carbon fiber seating surface. While it looks cool it was not near as supple as their normal leather. I could immediately feel the difference on this one compared to the crappy carbon fiber.

I think I'll use my stock seat when trail riding and use the Corbin for my normal daily use.
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Hey @Wavshrdr (hmmm... maybe a deleted account?), I'm wondering your impressions about this Corbin. I'm thinking of buying one myself, and would love to know your impressions after riding for a season or two.
Nothing to add here other than I am interested in hearing some feedback about the Corbin as well... I've read less-than-encouraging feedback about the Sargent and Seat Concepts.

I think at some point I'll just have to break down and order something and hopefully return/resale if it doesn't work out.
Some people love the Corbin seats but I have not had much luck with them on a couple of other bikes I've used them on. I live very close to the Corbin factory and took my bike in for a couple of adjustments without success.
Posteriors or so subjective on fit and comfort it is mostly not a one seat fits all situation. I have had two different Sargent seats with good success however. I had a very nicely modified KLR650 with a Seat Concepts saddle that was better than stock but I decided to try a Sargent seat on it and was very happy with it. Who I got my AT I bought a Sargent seat for it and it is a 100% improvement over the stock seat. When I installed a 3D mesh seat cover on it the additional improvement makes multiple 10 hour days in the saddle just fine.
The best seat on earth IMHO is the Russell Day Long. I had one on my Honda ST that was absolutely the best. The Russell seat may not be the best choice for an AT if you like to ride off-road much however as the design can limit reaching the ground or standing up when riding in the rough.
I personally believe the safest choice for buying a seat would be the Sargent Seat - they have a pretty good formula for seat design that seems to fit most people pretty well.
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I bought my '20 ATS with a Corbin, and while I hate the look and the 836 pounds (it feels like), I think it's an excellent seat. I rode home for 5 hours and had no issues at all.

It also came with a brand new Sargeant seat that I wasn't a fan of, but to be fair I never made it out of the garage with that seat. It slings my sack straight into the tank.

All in all, I'd say it totally worth the money. For reference, I'm 6'1", 190# with a slim butt. I've also owned a ridiculous amount of motos and have 100s of thousands of miles under my belt.FWIW
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Hey there,
Is the Corbin kind of a lifetime warranty? Did the want labor to make minor adjustments?

second Corbin for me all leather, stiff is actually more comply than soft.

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