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Intended upgrades

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My perfect Africa Twin:-

Alpina gold wheels, black spokes (tubeless conversion)
Conti trail attack tyres
Hyperpro fork and shock Spring replacements
Touratech upper and lower engine bars
Touratech bash plate
Eastern beaver 3 circuit kit
Metal mule pannier frames and topbox
Stebel compact horn
Main stand
Titax adjustable brake and clutch levers
Batzen screen adjuster
Arrow full exhaust system
Pillion comfort foot pegs
Titax preload adjusters
Bagster tank harness and tank bag
20mm bar risers
Camel foot side stand enlarger
Optimate battery connection

Think that lot would make it just about right, for me
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Gad dang, this sport seems more expensive than circuit racing.

It kinda sucks the aftermarket parts are so expensive compared to the mainstream bikes.
What the ****! Sounds like a GS owners Christmas wish list.
Premium petrol is my only upgrade and get on it more and ride :)
What the ****! Sounds like a GS owners Christmas wish list.
The CRF 1000 is the new GS ;-) As it "only" costs 2/3 the price of a GSA, that leaves a lot of money on the table for farkles... ;-)
You AT owners living in the US have it easy when it comes to parts - try importing anything to Aust with the low dollar value at the moment! Parts here are outrageous and we have very limited suppliers who know how to make a dollar or two....

For what it's worth, I think the Altrider crash bars are worth a look, their engineering seems to be up to the task compared to a few of the other brands out their. However, we only have one supplier here who is yet to produce them in Oz land. I might have to go with the Hepco B's with a safari B and B bash plate. All this when my new 2017 AT arives sometime in the future - still waiting for the new colour schemes to come out!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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