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Interesting day

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A day of two half's..... And an odd first post?
Having considered the purchase of the AT, I booked a ride with my local dealer of choice. A bright, dry if chilly morning looked like the perfect backdrop to sample the "interesting" DCT offering.

Although I've been riding bikes for over 40 years (yikes) I took time to absorb the considered advice from my friendly salesman on the workings, and characteristics of the one levered variant. So far so good. Took the bike over a mixed route, with the intention of being able to make a fully considered discision over the potential purchase. Well that didn't take long? About 5 miles out and I'm sold! What a great, fun, involving machine.

Back to dealership, PM (Blackbird) negotiated, and order placed:smile2:

So you may think I'm now a very happy chap?

Logged in on the forums (like you do in search of anything relevant) and learn of two recent issues relating to the DCT models seemingly developing a mind of their own:surprise:

So......... Now a slightly nervous potential purchaser, watching with interest the unfolding autopsy and Honda solution!

(Still love the bike, and having had many Honda bikes and cars over the years, remain confident there will be a positive outcome)

Those effected, do keep the rest of us updated.
Anyway good to be here, great forum!
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Congrats. Only one incident reported out of probably thousands sold. I'm not sweating it. :)
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Congrats. Only one incident reported out of probably thousands sold....
Second incident reported yesterday :frown2:
I think we all understand your concern - it wasn't great to hear that the DCT has a problem.

At least you haven't bought one yet - I had literally just parked my new DCT in the garage after picking it up from the dealer when I read the initial post! My jaw doesn't often drop open when I read things lol.

I'm sure it'll be sorted eventually - just makes me a little concerned in the meantime not knowing whether my bike is likely to be affected or not.
You can't worry about it too much. Just let it be and deal with problems as they come.
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You can't worry about it too much. Just let it be and deal with problems as they come.
Like Dex said, took mine today and no issues. After reading these issues I was worried however Two issues reported, my bike number is in the 1800 so I have told myself don't worried it, just keep a close eye on what the guys will hopefully report back. It's a great bike with or without DCT so just enjoy it.
I've done just short of 1000 miles on my DCT machine with no issue but I haven't ridden it through deep water either.
Second incident reported yesterday :frown2:
Extremely dramatic first post, no follow-up replies at all to questions that he knew would be coming. The jury's still out on this one.
This is my third DCT Honda, Just had the first 600 mile service on my AT, no problems yet,
Had some accessories fitted at the same time, the heated grips are fine, some owners have had problems with those too,
Guys don't sweat it, so many possibility's from rider error to 10,000-1 manufacture issue.
either way its all under warrantee for 2 years and will be sorted.
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