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It's surprising who you meet on an AT!!

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Just travelling out in country Victoria on a pleasant day and I ran into another Africa Twin!!.....:smile2:

........makes for a great photo I think. Thanks TALON for the chat and I hope to be buying some of your stuff for my AT soon.
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Yes mate sure was nice to bump into you and have a chat ,hope to catch up and do a ride someday.

Cheers and see ya in the dirt .
I actually have next week off because I finish my current job tomorrow and don't start my new one until the 9th so I plan to ride a bit during that week so if you have any time off next week give me a buzz and we can maybe go for a ride and get the bikes dirty!!......
So how'd you go? Get it dirty?
So how'd you go? Get it dirty?
I have not been since but I have taken it through Big River Road to Lake Eildon and despite the road tyres it was very good off-road....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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