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JIS tools (japanese industrial standard)

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Hi guys
Does anybody know where to buy a bit-set that is JIS certified within the EU. Ruggedroads sell screwdrivers but i would prefer a bit-set as it is easier to transport.
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Excellent Ebay seller! Have bought their motorcycle toolkits in the past. Great quality, and put together with a good understanding of what's important for a motorcycle owner.
Thanks for the link!

Seller is not inside the EU, but I will use them if nothing else comes up.
The ratchet may well be the same, but the bit set is definitely different. The description in your link also calls it "Phillips" head bits, and they are obviously different to the "JIS" tools as used by Japanese motorcycle manufacturers and sought by the OP.
Halfords used to do a few nice JIS screwdrivers.....
Forgive my ignorance but what is the advantage of JIS?
They're a slight;y different design. Trying to get a tight JIS screw out with a pozi or philips driver can damage the head (which clearly causes further frustration).

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Thanks @BenB - I've learned something today.

All those years I've been bodging my maintenance!
Here's some more detail:

Up until a couple of years ago - I used to think that Honda (or any of the Japnese manufacturers) fasteners were made of cheese, as no matter how careful I was using Phillips drivers, the heads always eventually ended up useless. :frown2:

So when I first came across the JIS standard Vessel drivers I was a bit sceptical - but once I started using them - WOW!!! :grin2: - what a revelation.

They are such a perfect fit into the crosshead fasteners that you can leave the driver in the head without it falling out - and since I started using them, I haven't had to replace any fasteners due to 'rounding out'.:smile2:

JIS drivers can be used for both JIS and Phillips screws.

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