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Hey Africa Twin Forum,

My name's Chris and I knock around County Durham.
I recently bought myself a '17DCT AT (Rally Red and with some good tech additions) after a few years off two wheels.
I used to ride a Harley Sportster XL and loved it... because I didn't know any better at the time. :rolleyes:

Unfortunately the DVSA revoked my motorcycle entitlements a few years back, after I lost my gear-tickling leg to a big firecracker in Afghanistan.
Starting from ground zero and eventually getting a new license; I tried my hand on a CBR crotchrocket... but it wasn't a good choice for a few reasons and I moved sideways into the ADV world.

After I sold the Rolling Sofa XL and CBR Fear Machine I fell in love with the very capable and still exciting AT model of bikes. I wasn't keen on DCT as a concept after hearing the usual 'auto bike chaff' but it really was a 'try it before you slate it' experience and I've not looked back to gear levers ever since!

The forum has already been a great help in improving an already fantastic motorcycle and I've since added an Okami exhaust, Pivot pegs, Givi crash bars and some bags, minor protection cages, Oxford heated grips, and me standing at 6'2".... a touring screen.
I'm looking forward to a quiet LEJOG trip in the spring before hitting up Europe's skydiving drop zones.

Adventure starts here. :D

Great to say hello. Looking forward to contributing and further exploring the forum.

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2018 Adventure Sports DCT
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Hi and welcome..
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