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I thought I was learning about my '18 ATASDCT until I got in the mountains on it. It rained for the first 3 days. Sections 1 & 2 were slick as snot. We rode around #3 since it was still raining and we were tired of that.
I was riding in USER set on 1-2-2 and Sport 2. The transmission just was too active for me. Jumping into the wrong gear for me too often. So I started over-riding the changes.
Then I went for full manual shifting. That seemed to make things much better but I just wasn't there with that.
Then I went to S3 and I really liked it. That AT just chugs up hills in 2nd gear and 2,500 rpm no sweat. Roll on the throttle and it just moves faster. Also the Motoz Tractionator GPSs did great. The engine breaking is awsome too.
This bike just seems to be the perfect one for me.>:)
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