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What handguards are installed on your bike?

  • Stock

    Votes: 11 27.5%
  • Barkbusters

    Votes: 18 45.0%
  • Zeta

    Votes: 2 5.0%
  • SW-Motech

    Votes: 2 5.0%
  • Acerbis

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Touratech

    Votes: 2 5.0%
  • Machine Art Moto

    Votes: 3 7.5%
  • Cycra

    Votes: 1 2.5%
  • Other (please let us know)

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Hepco and Becker

    Votes: 1 2.5%

Let's hear what handguards you have installed!!!

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Hello ATF,

I have already searched the form for what handguards are compatible with the Africa Twin. Unfortunately the post I found was from 2017.

In that post it was stated that;

So far the only ones that I know that will fit our bikes are:

SW-MOTECH Kobra Handguard Kit Honda Africa Twin With DCT 2016-2017

Barkbusters Storm Handguard Kit Honda Africa Twin 2016-2017
Barkbusters VPS Handguard Kit Honda Africa Twin 2016-2017

Hepco & Becker Handguard Bar


Highway Dirtbikes Handguards
Highway Dirt Bikes - HDB

According to Rocky Mountain ATV & MC the AT's instrumentals prevent installation of the following handguards:
Cycra Ultra Probend CRM Wrap Around Handguards
Tusk D-Flex Pro Handguards

Please let me know if I'm missing any and/or above is incorrect.

I am hoping to see if anyone has had success with any other options out there? Procycle lists on their site, once filtered for Africa Twin, a couple other makes of handguards.

Moose Contour,
Cycra Probend (Maybe different from the Ultra)

I am wondering what everyone has installed and if they have had a good or bad experience with their product? I have had both Barkbusters and Moose Racing handguards in the past. Both were excellent with no discernable difference between them. This was about 5 years ago.

Please let me know what you have and hopefully we can create an up to date list of products that fit. Pics would be nice to help everyone see them on the bike. ;)


Tally so far...

Barkbuster Storm 9

Barkbuster VPS 6

Barkbuster Jet 1 (Consensus is that they are ugly, ;))

Barkbuster with Moose Shields1 1

Barkbusters with OEM Shields 1

SW-Motech (Not confirmed fitment on Africa Twin, made by Barkbusters apparently)

Highway Dirt Bikes- Ultimate
Handguard Kit (Fitment unconfirmed)

Zeta Armor Pro Bend Handguards 3 (Officially licensed Cycra Pro-Bend shape, means Cycra components will fit)

Acerbis Handguards 1 (Plastics can be interchanged, like the Barkbusters)

Machine Art Moto 2

Touratech Handguards 1

Cycra Ultra Probend CRM 1 (with effort)
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MachineArt Moto Advance guards, love them, Can be configured 3 (actually 4) ways within seconds.
First is just the frame.
Second frame with insert.
Third and fourth is with deflector which can be either lowered or raised.

Frame only for summer.
View attachment 78781

Frame with insert for Autumn.

View attachment 78782

Deflector raised for winter, don't have a pic with it lowered but it just looks similar but with the upturned edge next to the frame.

View attachment 78783
The frame is plastic? I went to their website but I couldn't find a description of materials. Must be some tough stuff if you've already dropped it 3 times and they're holding up. That's pretty good!
They used to be aluminium frames but now a nylon composite material that they say is stronger than the aluminium.
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They used to be aluminium frames but now a nylon composite material that they say is stronger than the aluminium.
That's truly impressive.
I think there are a few options for the "plastic" backbones. Touratech, Acerbis, and MachineArt.
I think there are a few options for the "plastic" backbones. Touratech, Acerbis, and MachineArt.
I believe the heavy-duty Touratech models such as the Defensa use an aluminum exoskeleton or in the case of the Kobra habdguards rely on a Barkbuster aluminum backbone.

Same with the Acerbis models such as the Rally Pro or X-Factor, which have an aluminum "inner bar."

But I believe they both offer some options that are entirely composite ("plastic").

My understanding was that Machine Art had been using an aluminum composite that would actually crack, shatter and sometimes splinter on impact in extreme cases. So they dropped that in favor of the composite plastic.

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I recently installed these (all plastic) Touratech handguards. Got 20% off first order here:

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