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For sale

My beautiful 2017 Africa Twin, in Black, with less than 5000miles on the clock. Why? Because I’m moving to the USA with work and I can’t find a cost-effective and sensible way of taking it with me.

It’s breaking my heart to sell her. Had her from new – Chiswick Honda.

Key details
- She’s in good nick and has never been off-road.
- She also has had ACF50 treatment each winter.
- Full service history with all the paperwork
- Full disclosure, she was dropped once very slowly and gently while stationary. No damage except to mirror and knuckle guards which have both been replaced.

Extras installed by dealer from new
- Centre-stand
- 12v socket
- Tall screen (makes a big difference)

Extras installed by me
- Mobile phone holder
- SW-Motech plate with Givi kit
- Givi Trekker Outback 58l box (holds two helmets)
- Disc lock pouch and disc lock
- Givi PLR1144 Tubular pannier holders (quick release system so you don’t see the rails when you don’t want to – I love these)
- Cramp rest


Can't seem to post images, but ping me a note and I can share some.
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