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I wasn't there, but a friend in SoCal was and I asked him to grab some photos of the AT. He said there was considerable interest in the Africa Twin, lots of people lined up to sit on and view it up close.

His 9 year old grandson took the first one of Bill on the silver AT; he's about 6'2", 250 pounds. His sense of the AT is that it's sized between the VStrom and MultiStrada (he's owned both) and it feels light. Second photo is of another attendee (size and what he is doing are unknown). It gives a good sense of the lower body egronomics - and it looks comfortable. Three engine cutaway shots, another of the AT and one of the VFR1200X Crosstourer, also on display.


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They said before April but would no narrow it down more.
But where taking names and address of any body intrested
Asked my local dealer if he had any unsubstantiated rumors on ETA and he just shrugged his shoulders, "You know Honda (aka whenever they get around to it)."

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Hopefully someone was able to get that at the show it was at, unless it was something that was covered up.
Odds are it will be made in Japan, but there's a lot of out-sourcing going on in the industry, so who knows?

However, the next IMS show where the AT might be shown in the U.S. is:

New York, NY
12/11/2015 - 12/13/2015

Maybe a forum member can grab the first number or letter of the VIN, located on the headstock - right side. It's the Country of Origin code. Listed below are the most common for motorcycles - if not one of these then it's back to Google:

VIN'S first digit identifies code and country of origin on the following chart:
Code/Country of Origin
1 United States
2 Canada
3 Mexico
4 United States
5 United States
6 Australia
9 Brazil
J Japan
K Korea
L Taiwan
S England
V France
W Germany
Y Sweden
Z Italy

Posted by Mark Payne here:

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Did anyone happen to see the VIN? That will tell us where it will be built.
I hope so, because that's a deal breaker for me. If it's made in Japan, i'll get one but if not, then Honda can keep it...
The MSRP alone tells you that the Africa Twin will be manufactured by Honda Motor Co. in Japan... definitely won't be Thai built.
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