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Looking for dirt in central Kentucky

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Hello all, just picked up a silver DCT. Had to ride up to Indiana to get it, that's the closest one i could find. I would have preferred the red Dakar paint I think, but they're even harder to find, and honestly the silver is still pretty dang sharp.

Got to enjoy the bikes highway manners on my 150 mile ride home, handles great even compared to my NC700X that I traded in. I spent most of my time with the NCX trying to make it into something like the AT, I grew up on dirt bikes and just missed being able to hit a trail or travel road along the way comfortably. Nothing against the NCX, it was a great bike, but it would never be able to live up to what Honda has done with this Africa Twin. I suppose that's why its twice as expensive.

Anyway, super happy with the new bike, very interested in how this DCT works out (never thought I'd go for an automatic bike, but I see the appeal) and can't wait to take the next trail I come across.
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Did you ever find dirt in central Kentucky?
I hear all they got is blue grass. How glorious it would be to drift across some at 100+mph. :D
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I hear all they got is blue grass. How glorious it would be to drift across some at 100+mph. :D

I have 10 different tracks for KY in my files. I would not be doing the above track on the AT, it can get muddy. I can send some tracks if you really want them. I haven't rode them but a couple are from Loosenut on adv, he puts out good stufff.

Thank you. Yes I have heard the KAT needs a smaller bike so I haven’t tried it. I haven’t yet figured out the GPS tracks thing, but if I do I’ll reach out. I might try Wildcat park. Might also look to adding a smaller bike, maybe a scrambled type.
The tracks in the threads I listed above can be downloaded to your computer then viewed using,
GPS Visualizer or download Download BaseCamp | Garmin

I highly recommend a Garmin 600 series Montana, older gps but bullet proof. Tracks get sent to it and all you do is follow the yellow brick road, of any other color
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